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Your child is growing up fast and ready for a conversation about basic American history. Share with them the stories of the founding, and the principles and morals that built our country.


As your child enters elementary school, critical thinking skills develop. Offer insight into how and why our nation was founded and why it continues to succeed.


As your child ages and matures, now is the time to introduce more complex topics and discuss their benefits/repercussions on our country and our freedom.

Why Your Child Will Love Conservative Kid

As President Reagan once said, “If we don’t know what we did, we won’t know who we are.” ConservativeKid.com is dedicated to helping your child learn who he or she is as an American. As they learn the stories and principles that have made America great, your children will start to see the potential for greatness within themselves, too!

Explore the Conservative Kid Growth Kit

The Conservative Kid Growth Kit comes in a reusable world traveler suitcase box.  It’s packed full of fun and educational books, music, and games.  From a Teddy Bear and a coloring book to the Pocket Constitution and Founders Quote Cards, the Conservative Kid Growth Kit grows with your child year after year.

We designed the Kit right here in America for all learning types; visual, auditory, reading, writing, and kinesthetic.  With music, pictures, stories, and games, the Conservative Kid Growth Kit will meet the needs of kids all across America.

What Comes in Your Conservative Kid Growth Kit?

Freedom Sings: The Story of America in Song

What a fun way to teach children about eleven of America’s most famous Patriotic songs and the meaning, or history, behind them! This deluxe CD is narrated by our “modern day Burl Ives” and, as only he could, tells the story of such great songs as The Star-Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful, Yankee Doodle, and This Land is Your Land, to name a few. Children and parents alike will love this educational, fun CD. Get the whole family together for family time, give it a listen and sing along! Includes historical backstory and lyrics for each track.

“Proud American” Song Preview 

“Doing What’s Right Isn’t Easy” Narration Preview 

Founding Fathers Flash Cards

John Quincy Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Noah Webster, William Penn, Thomas Paine, George Washington (and many more!), and even a few famous ladies appear in these unique flash cards. Each has a famous quote by one of these tremendous figures in American History on the face of the card, with the back of the card telling who they were, the meaning of their quote, and even giving modern examples. Children (and even parents) will enjoy reading each one and learning a little more about the kind of people that helped shape our Nation. They are conveniently attached to a little “key ring”, to make keeping them together, problem free.

“Trumpler” Presidential Tumbler

16 oz. double-wall tumbler, featuring the backdrop wrap of Ol’ Glory and all forty-five Presidents, to date! In honor of our most recent President’s election, we have named it “The Trumpler”! For the Moms and Dads out there – It is microwave and freezer safe, BPA free, reduces condensation, is shatter-resistant, has a lifetime guarantee, and is made IN THE USA! The Trumpler comes with a “stop leak” straw and is available in (of course!) Red, White (clear), and Blue!

**please note: Only the straws and tops are available in varying colors. There is only one version of the tumbler available, but get different looks, when paired with the different color combinations. Only one solid color per box. Extra lids and straws sold separately**

Pocket Constitution & Freedom Guide

A great way for children to learn about the United States Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence, and more! This handy little pocket-sized book is small enough to carry around in your pocket, but contains a wealth of information. Not only does it have the items already mentioned, but it also has information like the complete list of American Presidents, all the states and their capitals, how a bill becomes law, and even some fun facts about the USA. This is a wonderful way for your children to come to know our founding documents and become familiar with the rights each US Citizen is endowed with.

Brain Quest – America

A great learning game, for “all things American”. Great for ages 9 and up. It has 850 fun trivia questions (includes answers), covering things like our history, people, culture, laws, literature, inventions, arts, and asks the question, “How well do YOU know the USA?”. Can be played with friends, parents, or “solo”. “Curriculum-based and Teacher Approved!”

United States of America Coloring Book: “Where Freedom Starts Small”!

A great little coloring and activity book, for any age! Twelve pages of United States Symbols, Statues, Maps, Buildings, Places, and even the Presidential Seal, for your child’s coloring pleasure. Also, includes a Word-Search puzzle, a “Find your way to the Founding Fathers” maze, and a “Match that State” game. This small book comes powerfully packed with the lyrics to some patriotic songs, the background or explanation on most pictures, and of course, the answers to puzzles. The perfect way to teach your child great US facts, without even having to study!

We’ve included a small package of Crayola Brand colors, in Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green, so your child can get coloring, right away!

Teddy Bear

Adorable Six inch, plush Conservative Kid Teddy Bear! He comes wearing his own Conservative Kid.com tee shirt in Patriotic Red! He’s so detailed and soft, your little ones (and some “big ones”) will fall in love with him. We can’t get over his little feet, complete with “toes”! We think Teddy Roosevelt would approve!

Lady Bird Johnson Seed Rounds

They may look like a little logo, but in fact, attached to the inside each travel case, is a removable seed round. The paper is, of course, “red, white, and blue” on one side and the color of denim on the other… what could be more American? It is a special paper that contains five species of non-invasive wildflowers (Alyssum, Catchfly, Siberian Wallflower, Black-Eyed Susan, and Baby Blue Eyes). These would make Lady Bird Johnson proud! Just soak in water until wet, then plant, and watch your wildflowers grow! Children love to learn how things happen and the world around them, so this is an easy and fun way to let even the youngest take part in the process!